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Are You Struggling with Problems Stemming from Substance Abuse, Addiction or Mental Health Imbalances?

There are many options available but with the right personalized support and effective recovery strategies, that are designed uniquely for you, long-term, sustained sobriety is absolutely achievable- along with the ability to lead a vibrant, healthy life.


I am the mother of a 24 year old addict.I met Anjali through family friends, and had many reservations as I was so confident that my case is hopeless and no one can really help me.I was pleasantly surprised in my interaction with Anjali. She patiently understood my situation, strengthened my resolve to help my son, and had a complete plan of guidelines and treatment options, that surprised me totally.

I would like to say that Anjali is a focused, informed and compassionate person
who can help guide anyone seeking help, be it the patient or the family members
that need guidance.
I highly recommend that such people contact Anjali and let her direct you
through all the steps required to be followed to help any desperate situation.
Dimple P.


Request a Free Consultation and we can discuss a recovery game plan. If you’re not located in Los Angeles, I am happy to chat via phone or Skype. Email me at: and we can discuss your needs.

My Approach:

I’m trained in a broad range of modalities and hold a master’s degree in Psychology and Addiction Studies from Antioch University Los Angeles. I implement a holistic approach to addiction recovery by fusing my clinical skills with Eastern mindfulness techniques. I use my training as a yoga and meditation teacher to cultivate insight and awareness. To achieve complete health and transformation, we must heal all facets: spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental.

It’s the integration of these approaches that allows me to give a unique and holistic offering to my clients.

You need an internal champion, someone by your side who speaks your language and has the knowledge and skills to walk you through your recovery process with compassion and care. The best chance for success requires individualized attention and advocacy every step of the way.

My Training

  • Masters in Psychology and Addiction Studies from Antioch University Los Angeles.

  • National yoga- alliance certified instructor

  • Meditation facilitator