Coaching Program

Art of Recovery Coaching Program

If you or a loved one is need of recovery support, please let me help you create sustained sobriety, vitality, and freedom….. One breath at a time.

Dear Friend,

Do you want an innovative approach to long-term Recovery? I want to share the method that has worked for me so I’ve consolidated it into a 6-month coaching program that you can experience and implement to rise above the adversities of addiction and truly thrive.

Someone once described addiction as the “impossible science.” Indeed, addiction can be challenging, but it’s never a lost cause. Going on 5 years clean and sober, I am a walking testament that a sustainable, thriving recovery IS possible – NOW.

Your recovery deserves to be handled with care. It’s the foundation that you will build your life upon. This is no small feat and you don’t have to do it alone. Let someone with the clinical knowledge and scientific aptitude of addiction guide you. Therapeutic interventions and evidence-based research are the mainstream basis of treatment.

But data and protocols are not enough.

Behavioral interventions target the neuro-cognitive (brain) abnormalities that lead to maladjusted behaviors. Psychosocial treatments address the interaction between social and psychological factors. While these interventions are useful, they are not enough to penetrate the subtle layers of our consciousness that house deeply ingrained addictive patterns.

As a current Ph.D. candidate in Mind Body Medicine and Integrative Mental Health, I have a sophisticated awareness of the complexities of addiction and I have personal experience integrating holistic practices as a primary methodology. Yoga-based breathing practices and meditation, combined with the 12-Steps, work at a deep, core level creating long-lasting recovery. While working together, we will combine these practices into a recovery regimen that is designed uniquely for you, allowing you to gain the most out of your recovery and your life.

I know you want a life beyond your wildest dreams and I know how addiction can dismantle those dreams. My dream over four years ago was to escape the prison I was confined to as a result of my addiction. Unknowingly, I found an indescribable freedom beyond my comprehension.

You can too. Let me help you claim it.